The plastics and rubber or tires are polymers and are long chain hydrocarbons.
Plastics are manufactured from petroleum products.
These can be recycled 2 to 3 times and lastly they are thrown and used in filling grounds.
We have developed the low temperature plastic / rubber depolymerisation process.
This process is used for almost all types of polymer waste except PVC and PET.
Depolymerisation converts waste materials into following products:

  1. Synthetic oil (similar to light diesel oil)
  2. Hydrocarbon gas which is used to heat the depolymerisation reactor
  3. Charcoal

The metals and glass materials are recovered from the waste before feeding to the reactor.
Synthetic oil can be further purified to obtain petrol (gasoline), Naphtha, Jet fuel, diesel and heavy oil.
Diesel can be used to generate electricity.

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